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New Information

The use of electrical film switch

From:admin Date: 2017-06-19
Membrane switch in the electrical industry norms:
The membrane switch has a multi-layer push-button switch. Because of its beautiful shape, long life, simple structure and other characteristics, so that the membrane switch is widely used in all walks of life, from small appliances to large high-tech production
Products are inseparable from the membrane switch control.
Membrane switch mainly by the film, film glue, circuit board layers and other components.
Electrical membrane switch principle:
When the electrical film switch layer is not depressed, the barrier layer has a barrier effect on the circuit of the membrane switch. When the mask layer is pressed, the upper line is simultaneously pressed and overlapped with the lower line so that the line
Turn on and turn on the line to the external convergence instrument (set by the customer) to signal to complete its corresponding function. Dongguan membrane switch
Membrane switch application:
It is flat appearance, no rust, and is cleaned by alcohol or petrol.
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