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New Information

Membrane switch in use to pay attention to what the problem

From:admin Date: 2017-06-19
Dongguan membrane switch use Note:
1.The membrane switch is required to keep the surface clean. At the same time can not have a drum package, to carry out appropriate dust, anti-oil treatment. the size (the film switch to be posted on the size of the situation is not exactly the same);
3.Then the membrane switch below the centrifugal paper from the edge to remove the big one centimeter;
4.Then put the membrane switch into the corresponding position to stick to a part, and then gradually tear off the rest of the centrifugal paper (but to grasp can not exceed 15 degrees angle), then paste the corresponding
5.If the tearing process does not and the centrifugal paper membrane switch requirements first placed, should not and put up to prevent sticky to other objects affect the post;
6.Note: post can not repeat the operation, need a one-time end; pay attention to control the angle of tear; try to feel when you want to put in a flat place, can not be held in the hands of the press, otherwise it will be
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