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New Information

What are the causes of the film panel

From:admin Date: 2017-06-19
Film panel can withstand the temperature is generally 80 ℃, continue 500h, and in the test and the actual application, when the ambient temperature exceeds 35 ℃ or more, there are many panels will appear in the local drum package table
Like, and most of the key position or adjacent position, and then cause the key switch failure, affecting the use of the switch.
The reason for the emergence of drums Most of the first thought that because the membrane switch is a very excellent feel of the product, the film inside the button will be installed a reed, when the temperature into the continuous rise.
Metal shrapnel will be different from the expansion of the panel material and drum problems, so the film panel was improved, do not use the spring, but found that when the temperature rises again when the film panel or
Still will drum package, and this time the temperature does not exceed the temperature of the film panel can withstand, so the exclusion of the metal reed caused the drum package reasons. There is also a saying because the device itself is sealed, So the people think that because the temperature continues to increase, the pressure inside the box will continue to rise, the internal pressure continues to increase through the box above the reserved outlet hole and the indicator hole on
Will direct the role of jujube film panel, which led to the panel of the PC layer peeling, resulting in the panel of the drum package. So put the film surface membrane switch board caused by the film panel drum package may be what causes the seal
To remove, so that the state was sealed, and then the temperature test, the results found that there will still be the phenomenon of drum package, so, but also ruled out the closure of the package caused by the problem.
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