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New Information

Membrane switch in the decoration, the performance of the prominent point

From:admin Date: 2017-06-19
Membrane switch is a very popular decorative switch, which uses a very popular at home and abroad a production technology, he can decorate, function, protection and many other functions, in the thin
The membrane switch is clearly marked with the function and usage of each key.
The texture of the membrane switch is much lighter and more versatile than the traditional switch, with the function of automation, its appearance is very beautiful relative to the traditional cumbersome switch, it seems
More lightweight and beautiful, in color is also a variety of colors with, it is very rich, more in line with the requirements of modernization. And the membrane switch can effectively resist the invasion of dust and other debris. In the clean
Time is very convenient, as long as you can clean with a clean cloth, there will be no dust and other debris will not enter the internal. In addition to these superficial advantages.
Membrane switch in the performance of more prominent, it can be applied to the temperature range is very wide, can be minus 40 degrees to zero 80 degrees, due to his advantages, can be applied in many areas, the first
First, is the civilian slowly extended to the military.
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