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New Information

The features of 3M membrane switch adhesives

From:chuangming Date: 2017-09-04
Membrane switch adhesives work by creating a permanent bond between the membrane switch assembly and the application. However,the best adhesive you choose is durable enough to withstand the repeated stress of actuation as well as hold up to environmental hazards, cleaners and solvents, and other conditions that may exist in the anticipated use environment for the application.without a doubt,3M adhesives are the most common the membrane switches manufacturers choose .Because 3M adhesives can be resistance to harsh chemicals or solvents, high temperatures, moisture or humidity, and UV, as required.
At the same time ,the most common adhesives we use is 3M adhesives can be excellent moisture and solvent resistance to exceptional resistance to high temperatures and a high shear strength to withstand the ongoing stress from repeated actuation, 3M membrane switch adhesives are a viable option for a great many membrane switch applications.
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