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New Information

The development of printed electronics for membrane switch

From:chuangming Date: 2017-11-01
Printed electronics is an all-encompassing term for the printing method used to create electronic devices by printing on a variety of substrates. Originally, printed electronics related to organic or plastic electronics that use one or more inks made of carbon-based compounds. As demand for wearable devices and thinner electronics expands, printed electronics are being used to form flexible keyboards, antennas, electronic skin patches, and more. Printed electronics technology has evolved over time, and now inkjet printers are capable of printing electrical circuits quite inexpensively and quickly. In short, printed electronics is one of the fastest growing technologies today and is becoming invaluable to several industries including healthcare, aerospace, media, and transit.
However,printed electronics promises lower costs as well as opportunities for innovative functionality, such as mechanical flexibility, that is traditionally more difficult (or impossible) and more expensive with conventional electronics approaches. Thanks to a variety of printed electronics technologies and printing methods, there is a variety of options for meeting project requirements and specifications.Common printing methods such as screen printing,offset printing ect.however, offset printing method is more commonly used for high-volume production.

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