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New Information

The graphic overlay for membrane switch

From:chuangming Date: 2017-11-04
The graphic overlay is the top layer of a membrane switch assembly, and it’s a key component of the final product as it serves as the visual representation of the product’s control panel. The graphic overlay is the part of the membrane switch assembly that the user sees, so the look and feel of this component can have a major impact on the visual appeal of a product.
Polyester is often selected as the preferred material for the graphic overlay, as it offers superior chemical resistance and generally has a longer flex life than materials such as polycarbonate. The graphic overlay can be printed with any color, color combination, or graphics.
Durability is also a consideration in choosing the right graphic overlay, as well as performance. For instance, the right thickness is necessary to achieve a desired level of tactile feedback when combined with other layers, such as stainless steel domes. You’ll also want to select materials and thickness durable enough to continue providing a consistent level of tactile feedback through repeated switch cycles.
In general, thicker graphic overlays provide a heavier feel for increased tactile feedback. A membrane switch design and engineering team should carefully weigh the many considerations for every application to recommend the best possible combination of materials and components for the best results.

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