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New Information

Texture of membrane switch panel material

From:admin Date: 2019-03-26
The price of the membrane switch product is mainly related to the material cost of the product and the cost of the chess piece. Therefore, the material of the mid-range product is relatively simple, generally based on white PC plastic, and the button is decorated with a decorative strip or a fluorescent indicator.
In terms of tactile texture, PC plastic itself has a certain roughness, which can give people a soft, delicate and comfortable texture semantics. The surface of some of the product panels has been photographed to greatly improve the surface reflectance of the panel. When the user makes contact with the product, he can feel the smooth texture semantics.
In terms of visual texture, the white color of the generation material gives a bright and comfortable texture semantics. The light-treated panel can also bring a lustrous visual experience. The decorative strips on the panel and the fluorescent indicator light make the panel more layered. In addition to the visual function, the fluorescent indicator has practical functions. It can be used to accurately find the switch position in a dark environment.
The membrane switch panel is still mainly made of PC material. Compared with the mid-range, the decorative parts are more abundant and the material cost is higher. Membrane switch trims often use metal side pieces or electrical parts to display the product.
In terms of tactile texture, the membrane switch panel material is similar to the mid-range switch. The material texture is also the same. Decorative parts occupy a small area and have almost no effect on the tactile texture, mainly used to improve the visual texture.
In terms of visual texture, the texture of PC material is similar to that of mid-range switch. The popularity of screen printing process enriches the decoration of panel surface. It has visually elegant, luxurious and light texture semantics. Jinyue or electric boat decoration parts make the overall level of the panel richer, which brings the texture, fashion and tough texture semantics to the switch.
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