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New Information

Application of low temperature curing conductive silver paste on membrane switch

From:admin Date: 2019-03-26
         The low-temperature curing conductive silver paste is generally formed by sticking metal silver powder, polymer resin binder phase, solvent and other auxiliary agents under a certain mechanical force. The conductive function is mainly realized by the free electron carriers provided by the addition of the silver pull. The conduction is the tunneling effect and the field emission principle of the seepage, and the three mechanisms compete with each other. In addition to silver powder, the resin phase is also a key material in determining the performance of low temperature conductive silver paste.
          It can be used as a commercial molecular resin for the phase of the phase difference of the isoelectric silver paste, such as polyacid resin, epoxy resin, acrylic resin, polyamic acid and the like. As a carrier of silver powder. The dry phase of the resin determines the comprehensive properties of the conductive silver paste such as flexibility, hardness, adhesion, and bending resistance. At present, most of the applications are ring-sensitive resins, but the brittleness is large. The impact resistance is poor, and the polyacetal resin and various materials have excellent dryness. The molecular design can be used to adjust the soft and hard chains. Segment ratio and structure to achieve hardness, and has excellent flexibility. It is suitable for use under high frequency bending conditions.
          In this experiment, the self-made ultrafine silver powder was used as the conductive phase. The effects of silver powder morphology, particle size, polymer resin type and curing conditions on the properties of silver paste were studied systematically. The resistivity was small, the bending resistance was good, and the hardness was good. And low-temperature curing conductive silver paste with excellent adhesion.
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