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What is the convenience of the use of film panels?

From:admin Date: 2019-04-17
               What is a film panel? A film panel is a layer of plastic film that is applied to the outside of the hard material panel substrate that is processed as required, and can be designed and designed. The film panel is a new type of panel which is popular in recent years and is popular in the decoration, function "switch function, keyboard function, display function, etc.", protection function and common text and symbol content.
Advantages of the film panel: The film panel is light yellow, full-featured, novel in appearance, close-up, rich in color, and the design can be freely designed, wear-resistant, dust-proof, oil-proof, easy to wash, easy to install and easy to assemble, and can be instantly A series of advantages, such as dryness, good product consistency, stable performance, wide range of use, and a wide range of degrees of use, have been favored by many designers. The application of film panels has also extended from civilian products to military products, especially electronics. , communication products.
The use of thin-film panels has brought convenience to the industry: it has been proven that thin-film panels actually participate in the functional operation of the entire device. The use of thin-film panels has fundamentally changed the panel design of electronic and communication equipment.
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