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New Information

How much do you know about the fpc circuit board membrane switch structure?

From:admin Date: 2019-07-11
The fpc circuit board is also called "flexible circuit board" in the membrane switch industry. It is also referred to as "soft board". It is actually a concept with "flexible circuit board", also called "soft circuit board, flexible circuit board". Or "soft circuit board, flexible circuit board", and the board in which the membrane switch of the appliance is installed with many small parts is called a PCB circuit board, which is not exactly the same as the fpc circuit board.

So, what is the structure of the fpc circuit board membrane switch? The fpc circuit board is divided into layers of conductive copper foil, and can be classified into a single layer board, a double layer board, a multi-layer board, and a double panel. It is easy to think that the single-layer board is a simple structure fpc circuit board, then the membrane switch manufacturer will introduce the fpc single-layer circuit board. The main materials of the single-layer circuit board are ordinary substrate, transparent plastic, copper foil, protective film and transparent plastic. The material is simple and the production is relatively simple. First of all, the process to be performed on the copper foil should be cautious, because etching is required on the copper foil to obtain the desired membrane switch circuit, and then the protective film is drilled to expose the corresponding pad, after cleaning. The two are combined by a rolling method, and gold or tin is applied to the exposed pad portion for protection. In this way, the big board will be ready. Generally, it is also punched into a small circuit board of a corresponding shape, and a solder resist layer is directly printed on the copper foil without using a protective film, so that the cost is lower, but the mechanical strength of the circuit board becomes worse, so that The quality of the membrane switch will also be poor, unless the strength requirements are not high but the price needs to be as low as possible, the application of the protective film method.
Although Chuangming does not make fpc circuit boards, it is necessary to understand fpc circuit boards. Only by knowing that better fpcs can be used to make film switches, Chuangming is guaranteed quality and will also protect Chuangming's customers. Make a good membrane switch with a good fpc circuit board, you deserve it!
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