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How to identify the membrane switch material

From:admin Date: 2017-06-19
How to identify membrane switch materials? Today, Shenzhen membrane switch to give you a "identification of membrane switch material method", so that you understand the membrane switch panel in addition to the outside, the industry can have more
More understanding!
1, olfactory identification, PET plastic taste is different from the usual plastic, with a match to point, pure PET plastic flavor is aromatic, if PET plastic is rich in other ingredients, the smell will be difficult
smell. A kind of bottle inside the SEBS-rich ingredients can not be used.
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2, to see the burning of PET plastic, if the product after the fire black or soon have oil down, the melting point is not very normal, PET material often this problem.
3, drawing, take a small piece of film with the fire point of wire drawing observation, see the length of the pull can pull, until the cut off to observe the broken point of the wire, the wire has not rolled into a small circle, more
Then the higher the melting point of the product. But usually if it is a bottle, should not have any big problem.
4, the most important point is that the resolution is not rich in PET plastic, which is the most important component of PET. The first multi-sampling, and then tiled in the sunny local, PVC in the sun will generally be
Showing light blue. If half of the side will have a white crease. If only casually look at it, there is no accuracy can be made membrane switch, identify the membrane switch material is mainly to see a
Human experience.
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