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Why the life of the membrane switch is so long

From:admin Date: 2017-06-19
he use of membrane switch can usually ensure that the use of one million times without damage, then why the membrane switch life so long?
The reason why the membrane switch can guarantee the use of such a long time and the number of guarantees, because the use of the action of the film panel with a flexible film in a relatively straight direction of the simple bounce
What is done. Film switch this action is to play the amount can be done more than one million times, and the entire experimental process is in full accordance with the actual use of the standard, coupled with the reality wins
It will not be so continuous use so many times, so you do not have to worry about how long the membrane switch will not be broken, as long as the production of membrane switch when the choice of a good film will definitely guarantee
The time of use of the film panel.
Membrane switch in the panel design is generally in accordance with the standard combination of the composition of the Master of the membrane keyboard, the set density, and it is a combination of multi-layer thin film structure, The general use of the membrane switch cable is produced by the screen printing, the total thickness of the general will be 1 ~ 3mm, the volume is relatively small, so to ensure that the weight of the membrane switch is very lightweight, so thin membrane switch is more convenient to use.
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