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Growth Characteristics of Membrane Switch Film

From:admin Date: 2017-06-19
The growth characteristics of the membrane switch are affected by the deposition conditions. The main factors are deposition rate, substrate temperature, atomic incident direction, substrate surface state and vacuum degree. The
For different types of metals, the degree of influence of the deposition rate is different, since the mobility of the vacuum deposited metal atoms on the substrate is related to the nature and surface condition of the metal. Even with the same a metal, under different conditions, the deposition rate of the film structure is not exactly the same. In general, the deposition rate affects the uniformity of grain size and grain distribution in the film and
Defects and so on. The at low deposition rates, metal atoms migrate on the substrate for a longer period of time, easily reach the point of adsorption, or are trapped by small islands at other adsorption sites to form coarse crystals
The film makes the structure of the film rough, PET film switch film is not dense. The
At the same time as the deposition of atoms to reach the substrate, the follow-up atoms have not arrived in time, and thus exposed to a longer time, vulnerable to residual gas molecules or deposition process of impurities in the pollution And produce a variety of defects and so on. The
Therefore, the deposition rate is higher and higher.The high deposition rate can make the film grain fine, compact structure, but because of the many nuclear condensation at the same time, the energy in the nuclear energy is relatively high state, so thin membrane switch there is a relatively large internal stress, while defects are more.
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