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Assembly and connection of membrane switch

From:admin Date: 2017-06-19
Circuit Design of Membrane Switches. Membrane switch circuits are fabricated using conductive silver paste on flexible substrates. Its wire width is generally between the sex and its resistance is larger than the metal copper foil. Also due to the film substrate.
The temperature of the flexible membrane switch circuit load capacity and the ability to change with the temperature is relatively small.
In addition, the arrangement of the membrane switch circuit is different from that of the conventional mechanical switch. Installation and maintenance but more connecting wires. The number of leads is equal to the number of keys. Public bus
The connection method is that all keys are connected to each other by a common bus and then each leads to a different combination of wires. Its number of leads is equal to the number of keys plus.
And the membrane switch circuit is the circuit and the wire printed on a film at the same time it is possible in accordance with the requirements of the computer array key circuit grouped together is a matrix connection method. Icon
Out of a matrix connection method for each column of all switches have a public connection corresponding to each line also has a common connection line which formed a number of independent combination of the formation of key control circuit.
The number of leads of the matrix connection method is at least the number of leads of the number of keys. The difference between the common bus connection method and the matrix connection method is not obvious when the number of key lines is less.
The advantages of the matrix connection method are so obvious that the matrix connection method not only satisfies the needs of the computer decoding circuit but also makes it easier to manufacture it by the sub-line.
Because the first time you want to consider the minimum width of the wire. As well as the smooth flow of cable, of course, the shorter the cable the better the better. Membrane switch and chassis assembly are generally attached to the back of the flexible membrane switch.
A pressure-sensitive adhesive layer The so-called "stickers" membrane switch, the touch panel should be used to bond a large adhesive layer so as to ensure that it is reliable with the machine paste.
In order to ensure that the use of a long period of time will not be degumming Recommended chassis liner fixed film switch metal plate or plastic plate in addition to the need to have enough rigidity other than the best concave.
So that the film switch assembly after the plane than the surrounding border is low. This can avoid the phenomenon of Alice. In addition, the corresponding position of the membrane switch outlet on the liner should be provided with a wire outlet through the conductive tape.
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