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Differences between membrane switch and touch switch

From:admin Date: 2017-06-19
Membrane switch due to technical materials on the break, is waterproof, insurance, reliable performance of the market have greatly improved. Due to the ease of installation and the decline in profits, the membrane switch has been replaced by no less light
Touch the use of the field. So what is the difference between the membrane switch and the touch switch?
Touch switch volume is small, is the specification, the sense of proportion and the relevant parameters to be combined with business norms, the color is also more numerous; and membrane switch can be based on the owner's request, order Jiangxinduyun size, appearance and Yan
Color, etc., the use of more convenient, sensitive film switch hard, open structure and waterproof structure, the better adaptability to the conditions.
Touch switch costs and the price is relatively low, not because of the stability of the market price of raw materials to mobilize; and membrane switch compared to high prices, large volume, subject to the price of raw materials, a greater response.
Touch switch and membrane switch are attributed to the functional switch, touch switch is used when you gently press the switch button to switch the switch, when the open hand when the switch can be broken, the internal structure is by the gold
Is a shrapnel force to achieve on-off. Membrane switch is a kind of its own line of the key, the general upper layer is made of pet or pc material such as text or pattern of the panel, the lower is guide
Hot line, the center layer is to imitate the switch and the role of isolation by the pet material made of double-sided adhesive, the bottom part of the pet material is generally contact and to undertake the line. Press the button on the surface
Position, the key contact with the upper position of the contacts should be compared to the location of the formation of direct contact with the DC.
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