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Structure and type of membrane switch

From:admin Date: 2019-01-14
Membrane switch structure
1) Flat type non-touch type:
Long service life, but no touch;
2) Film convex touch type:
Have a good touch, but have a relatively short life;
3) convex frame type non-touch type:
Beautiful appearance, strong three-dimensional, but no touch;
4) convex frame type touch type:
Beautiful appearance, strong three-dimensional sense, and touch;
5) Face type convex touch type:
Type (a): If the design is not proper, there are two phenomena easily, but the mask is damaged and the electrical function is also present;
Type (b): There is no two-stage phenomenon, and the structural layer is small and economical. If the surface plate is damaged, the electrical function will not exist;
6) Metal shrapnel type:
Type (a): is the most basic and most commonly used structure. The shrapnel acts both as a tactile sensation and as a line;
Type (b): The structure is complicated, and it is used in the case where the shrapnel is more dense and there is no jumper. The shrapnel is placed on the upper line, the conductive surfaces of the upper and lower lines are all upward, and the upper line needs to be punched. When the structure is turned on, the four feet of the shrapnel are not in a uniform plane with the central point, and there are cases of "two segments". At the same time, the shrapnel is often in a state of excessive anti-concave. After a long time, the shrapnel will not rise and rebound. It is not recommended;
Type (c): The shrapnel is placed on the upper line, which only plays the role of tactile sensation. The upper line of the line is facing downward, and the lower line is electrically facing upward. There is a case of “two sections”, which is not recommended;
Type (d): The shrapnel is placed on the lower line, and the upper and lower lines are all lined. The shrapnel plays the role of touch and connects the upper and lower lines. It is used for more shrapnel and is dense and does not have to jump. In the case of the line, the structure of the (b) type is simpler. When designing, pay attention to the line traces to avoid the four legs of the shrapnel to ensure no short circuit.
7) Luminous type: Be sure to open the bottom mold;
(a) The same line of the LED line and the lower line: the structure is simple, but the LED window should be convex, otherwise, the LED light will top up the plate; it is appropriate to use a small number of small LED lights or LED lights;
(b) The different layers of the LED line and the lower line: the structure is complicated, but the LED window does not have to be convex, and it is appropriate to use a double-color LED lamp or a large number of LED lamps; a punching die and a bottom die are required;
8) Folding type:
This type can avoid jumpers and does not need to be filled to make the conductive surface down. The disadvantage of this structure is that the line is easily broken at the fold.
9) Inner and outer frame waterproof type:
The outer frame is a blocked frame. There is no wire to protect the inner frame and prevent moisture from entering the casing from the outlet groove.
Switch type
Flexible membrane switch
Flexible membrane switches are a typical form of membrane switches. Such a membrane switch is called flexible because the mask layer, the isolating layer and the circuit layer of the membrane switch are all composed of software films of various properties.
The circuit layer of the flexible membrane switch adopts a polyester film (PET) with good electrical function as the carrier of the switch circuit pattern, and this layer also divides the handle elastic piece and the upper and lower circuit. Because of the properties of the polyester film, the membrane switch has good insulation, heat resistance, folding resistance and high resilience. The pattern of the switching circuit, including the connection of the switch and its lead-out line, is printed with a low-resistance, conductive coating cured under low temperature conditions. Therefore, the composition of the entire membrane switch has a certain flexibility, and is not only suitable for use on a planar body, but also can be matched with a curved body. The flexible membrane switch lead wire is integrated with the switch body itself. When the group switch is made in series, it is collected at a certain position of the film, and extends outward according to the specified position and scale of the design, as a soft The arbitrarily bent, sealed lead wire is connected to the rear circuit of the whole machine.
Hard membrane switch
A rigid membrane switch means that the pattern and wiring of the switch are made on a common printed circuit copper clad laminate. The characteristics of the rigid membrane switch are that the material is easy to handle, the process is not disordered, the resistance is low, and some components in the circuit can be directly soldered on the back side. In the case of a small area, the hard lining layer can be omitted. Hard membrane switches generally use metal guides as the conduction labyrinth contacts, so a better feel. The unfavorable aspect is that it is not convenient to install the soft film switch in the whole machine, and it is often necessary to solder the insert and lead the lead through the flat cable. Information feedback of the rigid membrane switch In addition to the buzzer signal and the LED indication, the metal feel shrapnel is generally used.
The flat membrane switch and the button on the membrane switch represent the position, shape and size of the key body in different colors, which are common in the initial stage of the membrane switch. Stereo membrane switch: Usually, the buttons on the membrane switch only use color to express the position, shape and size of the key body. In this way, the correctness of the manipulation can only be recognized by the operator's vision, because there is no suitable feedback information indicating whether the finger is pressed in the effective range of the switch, thereby affecting the confidence and manipulation speed of the whole machine monitoring. A membrane switch that makes the pivoting body slightly protrude, slightly higher than the panel, and constitutes a three-dimensional shape, is called a stereo key switch. The stereo key not only correctly gives the range of the key body, but also improves the recognition speed, makes the touch of the operator more sensitive, and also enhances the decorative effect of the appearance of the product. The production of the three-dimensional keys must be laid out in the design stage of the panel, and the process holes are provided so as to have accurate positioning when the mold is pressed, and the height of the three-dimensional protrusion is generally not more than twice the thickness of the substrate. For the appearance of beautiful products, there are many variations on the protrusion of the membrane switch!
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