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Membrane switch prepress preparation

From:admin Date: 2019-03-26
According to the production practice, the prepress preparation of the screen switch panel screen printing has a great influence on the production efficiency and the quality of the printed product. If the preparation work before printing is not done well, the occurrence rate of the fault in the production and the defective products in the production hall. The number of children should be taken seriously.
In general, prepress preparations have the following main aspects:
(1) Clean up the surrounding environment, pay attention to the retreat and humidity of the workshop, and conditionally match the air conditioner and dehumidification equipment. These are all related to the tidy and overprinting accuracy of the panel.
(2) To fully understand the characteristics of the substrate and printed materials, and to understand the size and shape of the panel.
(3) Select a suitable scraper according to the characteristics of the substrate.
(4) Check whether the printed materials and products are in error, check whether the surface treatment of the printed materials, static cleaning, etc. meet the requirements.
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