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What is the film panel view window?

From:admin Date: 2020-09-30
The thin film panel viewport is a transparent or translucent area on the panel so that the user can view the display of the light emitting diode or LIQUID crystal display behind the panel.
The options for the window are as follows:
(1) Transparent area without any color in the transparent window.
(2) The areas printed with translucent inks in the filter window are usually red, green or yellow in order to distinguish the color of the LED.
(3) Opaque Windows print areas with multiple layers of background color that are not visible unless the indicator light behind them is lit, used to indicate legends and graphics.
Note the printing window: the bottom of the window is rough and the surface is printed with special ink to form a transparent area for LCD or LED display.
What advantages does the thin film panel view window have?
(1) In high brightness environment, the use of various coatings and forms of Windows can enhance the clarity of the display.
(2) The use of such a window to avoid holes in the panel, so as not to affect the appearance of the packaging and panel.
(3) Rough surfaces can facilitate the diffuse reflection of the LED and increase visibility.
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