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Chuangming electronics introduces the paste procedure of membrane switch

From:admin Date: 2020-09-30
Modern electronic products need to use more and more wide range of film switch, the need for professional customized film switch customers are not a few, customized film switch part has feel requirements, the key part is installed with metal shrapnel, metal shrapnel film switch should be a one-time paste and can not resist or pressure characteristics.
Film switch, is generally a very thin, elastic white steel sheet, and the following plate (circuit board copper foil or other metal sheet) between a layer of insulation film, press the film switch, white steel sheet downward deformation, and the following plate contact conductive, after the hand left, white steel sheet bounced back, circuit disconnect. Film switch paste steps:
1. Clean the surface of the film switch to be fitted (the surface to be fitted shall be smooth, rust-free, oil-free and dust-free);
2. Compare the size (put the film switch to the place to paste and compare the size position);
3. Then peel off the centrifugal paper at the bottom of the film switch from the side by about 10mm; Dongguan EL cold light sheet backlight film switch manufacturer
4. Then place the membrane switch in the corresponding position to stick a part, then slowly tear off the remaining centrifugal paper (in the case of no more than 15 degrees of Angle), and then stick to the corresponding position.
5. If the film switch on the opposite side of the centrifugal paper needs to be placed first during the paste process, it should be placed upside down to avoid sticking to other objects to affect the paste;
6. Precautions: The paste should not be repeated, and should be completed at one time; The tearing Angle shall not exceed 15 degrees; Try to touch, must be put flat on the desktop and then press, can not be held in the hands of empty press, otherwise it will affect the service life of the film switch.
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