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What industries can be used for thin-film switches?

From:admin Date: 2020-09-30
Thin film switches can be used in a wide range of industries, what specific industries can be used, do you know? Only a small number of people who really know the purpose and performance of membrane switches, which industries can be used, and only a deeper level of understanding is known. But how many industries are there that most people don't know about and can use? Most people may not understand much about the use and performance of membrane switches. And whether they can really use the industry, for most people is the knowledge of this industry, and the film switch industry is also a new understanding.
The following by the film switch custom manufacturers staff to explain to you.
What is a membrane switch? Thin-film switch is an operating system integrating button function, indicator element and instrument panel.
By the film panel, film surface adhesive layer, upper circuit, isolation layer, lower circuit, back adhesive layer, these six local combination, to form a complete membrane switch structure layer.
Press the film switch, gently press the contact of the upper circuit downward, and contact conduction with the lower circuit. After the finger is released, the contact of the upper circuit will naturally rebound back, the circuit will be disconnected, and the circuit will trigger an indication signal.
Industry used for thin-film switches: Medical devices and laboratory equipment are major markets for thin-film switches.
These switches can be designed to seal off moisture and contaminants and antimicrobial coatings to resist bacterial growth and harsh chemicals.
Thin-film switches are also used in industries such as electronic testing and communication network equipment.
Industrial controls and fitness equipment are also industrial thin-film switches that are the user interface of choice.
Film switch in life is also more common, such as: microwave oven, electric rice cooker, induction cooker and other buttons; The keys on the printer and so on, these are membrane switches.
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