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What is the internal structure of the membrane switch?

From:admin Date: 2021-01-26
When we use membrane switches, we often wonder what the internal structure of the membrane switch is. The membrane switch is a combination of buttons, display units and switches. Membrane switches have a wide range of uses and are used in all walks of life. Today we will discuss the internal structure of the membrane switch.
1. Panel layer: The main function of the panel layer is to play the role of identification and keys. Generally, materials with high elasticity and good transparency are selected.
Second, the surface adhesive layer: mainly connects the panel layer and the circuit layer closely to play a sealing role.
3. The upper and lower layers of the control circuit: need to have good electrical conductivity.
4. Laminated layer: It is mainly used to seal and connect the upper circuit and the lower circuit layer.
 5. Backside adhesive layer: mainly used for pasting membrane switches and objects.
 Although the internal structure of the membrane switch has only a few layers, each layer has an important role, and in the process of production design, the technology and process requirements for each layer are also more complicated.
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